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Offline Attendance System with Facial Recognition

AI powered Attendance System powered by Facial Recognition technology to mark the attendance locally on Android devices without Internet service and have anti spoofing compatibility which can protect the system from fake attendance entry.

Credit Risk Modeling

Robust credit scoring engine using Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and alternate means of data (does not contain traditional credit bureau data), helping SME Lenders and Other Financial Institutions to give hassle-free loans in real time with minimum default rate.

E-wallet Recommendation System

Collaborative filtering model to capture the complex relationship between users and their purchase behavior to produce a custom list of recommended services for each user. Cross-selling of services from recommenders has shown an 18% increase in Revenue for active users on the platform.

Forecasting Demand of Single Product Category SKUs

A Web-based forecasting tool that allowed the client’s management team to enter updated values of predictor variables each month and forecast the future demand of the specific SKU.

Security Guard Turnout Identification

AI Powered Android app, capable of identifying the good/bad dress turnout from the image feed coming through the camera app and giving the results by processing the data locally.

Data Lake Powered BI Solution

Robust and scalable Business Intelligence/Analytics (BI) solution, powered by a cloud-based data lake capable of consuming a large amount of data generated from different sources in near real-time, empowering the real-time dashboards built on top of it, for KPI monitoring and decision-making.

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